Gambar: Matahari Terbenam By Irvina Lubis

The Dream is There
Oleh : Arina Rahmatika

As I walk to the end of the year
Remember, I and you
We act so mysterious dream
Sometimes, We need to back that time

When years began to change
Can I slow down and enjoy my dream right now
And try to can keep the dreams
And just walk for a minute and smile

Seems like everybody’s got a dreams
Dreams makes me strong
Dreams makes me believe
Dreams could be reality

Believe my heart
I do it for the dream
To reach my dream
And i will find what do i hope

Still everyday i think about dreams
I will try to stay wake
God know what’s i want
So, i fight and sacrifice everyday

2014, Last but not least
i can even have a good time
Dreams, when you can be realized?
Just time know that in 2015

11 Januari 2015

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